“As a complete stranger, Jeff Coon knocked at my door. I hate door-to-door sales guys, but Jeff looked trustworthy so I listened to what he had to say. He said that I had enough damage on my roof to have State Farm replace it. He showed me pictures to prove the damage. He talked to the SF rep and all went as planned, let’s roll. Jeff explained how the process would work, and it went exactly as he said. Jeff’s crew was very professional and did an awesome job with my new roof. I ordered the top of the line shingles and I love them. No regrets. Jeff took many pictures throughout the process and texted them to me, so I could see the progress. I cannot say enough good things about Peachtree Company and Jeff Coon. I recommend them 100%. I did not know that they existed until Jeff showed up at my door, unannounced. An excellent company to deal with. Their work is beautiful. Oh, the clean-up was fantastic. I couldn’t even tell I got a new roof unless I looked up! I can’t imagine a better roofer in the entire metro area.” (quote)